As I’m writing this, I have the Mac hooked up to a 24inch external wall-mounted display. Mail, Calendar, Trello and Grammarly all open fullscreen on their own desktop. Spotify pumping, Docker silently running a bunch of containers, a party of 20 tabs open in Chrome (I know …) and an instance of Xcode open.

All this and the experience when swiping between desktops and switching apps is silky smooth.

Adios, Windows

From developing software to running my company, this lone MacBook Air handles it all. As a Windows veteran of 10+ years, I had never experienced what I now feel when I use a Mac. Let me be clear that I’m no Apple fanboy who lavishes everything Apple does with accolades. Quite the opposite in fact; hello butterfly keyboard. 

But I can’t deny that the experience has been unmatched, before and since I first hit that power button and fired it up for the first time back in 2013. What an absolute joy.

Ask more of your tools

In any craft, the artisan should strive to use tools that don’t get in their way and if possible, add additional value past what their design intends. I suppose this is why those who practice bushcraft will opt for a custom-made axe vs an off-the-shelf one or someone who prefers to write with a Parker pen over a Bic. They both achieve the same outcome but tools should be more than just a function, they should feel seamlessly connected and make you feel good when used.

This Mac does that for me. Arriving at my desk, coffee in hand I hit the spacebar, enter my password, hit play on Spotify and a day of creating begins. Looks-wise the MacBook Air has aged pretty damn well. The full-body aluminium finish is as smooth and polished as the day I bought it. The screen is crystal clear and bright, and the keyboard and trackpad are still by far the best in its category.

And that’s why

My 2013 MacBook Air is truly the greatest machine I’ve ever owned. Apple designed a machine that doesn’t get in my way but instead, invites me in.

For those shopping for something built to last, do not require an 8 core powerhouse and are on a budget, then look no further. These days you can pick one up for around £250 on eBay.